Thank you for the fantastic opening events!

The Regensburg Center for Ultrafast Nanoscopy was officially opened with three major events from May 6 to 8. The international symposium “The Nanoworld in Motion” featured twenty invited talks by world leaders in ultrafast nanoscopy and fourty invited poster contributions. The discussion showcased the very latest in ultrafast videography and showed how elementary nanodynamics cause functionalities of matter in an interdisciplinary context of physics, biology, chemistry, and medicine. It covered all relevant length and time scales, ranging from the motion of electrons in atoms, through electronic, structural and spin dynamics in molecules, to excitons and tunnelling dynamics in nanogaps, surface plasmon polaritons, phase transitions and dynamics in biomolecules, nanomaterials, ion channels and live cells – with exciting perspectives in future quantum-, bio-, nano-, and green technologies.

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On May 8th, 2024, the scientists were joined by the Bavarian State Minister for Science and Art, Markus Blume, alongside other high-ranking political representatives, leaders from the Building Authority Regensburg, the city of Regensburg, the university management, and other representatives of the political and social elite. In his welcome address Minister of State Markus Blume summarized: ” RUN – the name sums it up: things are running smoothly at the University of Regensburg. Today, with the inauguration of the RUN, we are writing Bavarian history. This building facilitates deep insights into the smallest constituents of matter, enables researchers to visualize ultrafast quantum dynamics, and take microscopy and nanoscopy to an unprecedented level. We enable scientific progress for the benefit of mankind: By understanding the nanocosmos, we open up new possibilities to answer the fundamental questions of modern life and natural sciences.” Find out about the press echo here:

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In an extravagant concert titled “Sound of Time”, featuring the acclaimed Regensburg Philharmonic Orchestra and RUN scientists, philosophical questions and scientific findings about the nature of our world were musically brought to life. In an interplay of music, live experiments and moderation, we asked: What is time and what could it sound like? Find more information about and reactions to this remarkable event here:

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