First graduate training program for the RUN

The novel Graduate Research Training Group 2905, entitled “Ultrafast nanoscopy – from single particle dynamics to cooperative processes”, will be funded for five years with a total of six million euros.

The program will start April 2024 and allows graduate researchers to investigate quantum dynamics of matter on the nanometer length scales and ultrafast timescales. The training reflects the interdisciplinary approach of the RUN and is lead by twelve scientists encompassing the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (Prof. Dr. Isabella Gierz, Prof. Dr. Franz Giessibl, Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber, Prof. Dr. John Lupton, Prof. Dr. Jascha Repp and Prof. Dr. Sascha Schäfer), the Institute of Theoretical Physics (Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Evers, Prof. Dr. Milena Grifoni, Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter and Dr. Jan Wilhelm), the Institute of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology (Prof. Dr. Dina Grohmann) and the Institute of Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry (Prof. Dr. Christine Ziegler). 

As a specialty of the program, one three month research interships abroad is funded for every graduate researchers. Hence, the prospective Ph.D. candidates can also join other world leading experts in the field of ultrafast nanoscopy for a research stay abroad and gain a holistic understanding of this new and unique research field.

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Press release (UR) in German and English.

Press release (idw) in German and English.

Image Credit: Brad Baxley, PtW


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