Schedule Symposium

Location: University of Regensburg, H51

Monday, May 6, 2024


Ultrafast microscopy of quantum materials
09:15Dmitri N. Basov | Space-time travel of electrons and photons in atomically layered crystals
09:50Jascha Repp | Accessing non-equilibrium at the intrinsic scales of molecules

Atomic scale dynamics – from quantum materials to biology
11:00Vahid Sandoghdar | Cryogenic fluorescence microscopy at angstrom resolution & fluorescence-free studies of proteins and cellular nanostructures
11:35Alfred Leitenstorfer | Condensed matter under 4D confinement: From atomic-scale electron transport via single quantum dots to live cells

Imaging of molecules and fields
13:40Claus Ropers | Imaging structures and fields with ultrashort electron pulses
14:15Reinhard Dörner | Photoelectrons, photoions and their correlations: Photoionization and Compton scattering in the gas phase

Ultrafast dynamics in biology
15:20Arwen Pearson | To the 4th dimension and beyond: The future of structural biology in the age of machine learning
15:55Josef Wachtveitl | Triggering molecular processes with light
16:30Leticia Gonzalez | Disentangling ultrafast light-driven excited state dynamics
17:05 – 18:45Posters

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Attosecond dynamics

>09:00Nirit Dudovich | Attosecond Interferometry
09:35Fernando Martin | Attosecond chemistry: imaging and controlling electronic motion in molecules

Ultrafast photoemission microscopy
10:40Martin Wolf | Probing excitons and vibrations in momentum and real space
11:15Isabella Gierz | Ultrafast electron dynamics in 2D materials
11:40Ulrich Höfer | Time-resolved photoemission orbital tomography
13:35 – 14:45Lab tour & posters

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Light-matter interaction in functionalized materials

>09:00Naomi Ginsberg | Imaging nanoscale electronic, thermal, and ionic energy transduction and transport in emerging functional materials 
09:35Angel Rubio | Quantum matter and photons cooperate: quantum materials engineering with light 

10:40Peter Hegemann | tba 
11:15Group photos & posters 
12:00Official Opening Ceremony 
14:00Industry talks 

Atomic-scale movies
15:20Jan Wilhelm | Towards real-time simulations of ultrafast electron dynamics with atomic resolution 
15:45Tyler L. Cocker | Watching a single atom move with terahertz time-domain spectroscopy 
16:20Melanie Müller | Probing collective excitations in solids in real time and space with ultrafast scanning tunneling microscopy 
16:55Closing remarks 

Der Klang der Zeit
19:25 – 21:00Science – Music Crossover Concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra Regensburg