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Inaugural Symposium

May 6May 8

Innovation in fundamental science and in quantum-, nano- and bio-technologies depends on a thorough understanding of the inner workings of custom-tailored materials. High-resolution microscopy has provided still images of the elementary building blocks of matter. Because the nanoworld is constantly in motion, still images are often not enough. For instance, tailoring functionalities of quantum materials or controlling biochemical reactions would be facilitated by direct ultraslow motion pictures visualizing the interplay of the nanoscopic building blocks of matter in space and time.

The bar is set high since the relevant elementary processes often evolve on time scales as short as femtoseconds (1 fs = 10-15 s) or even attoseconds (1 as = 10-18 s). Developing concepts that allow for simultaneous resolution of ultrashort time and length scales is hence one of the key scientific and technological challenges of this century.

Hosted by the brand-new Regensburg Center for Ultrafast Nanoscopy (RUN), the Symposium “The Nanoworld in Motion” will showcase the latest ultrafast nanoscopy principles and their applications to clarify urgent questions on dynamics of systems ranging from individual molecules to complex biomolecular and solid-state nanostructures. For more details, please click here.


May 6
May 8